There are many paths to your unfolding. I’m grateful you found your way here. Please give yourself a moment to breathe and simply be.

Are you anxious? Uncertain? Stuck?

We all want safety AND we have other needs that may feel jeopardizing to that safety. Stuckness comes from this tension in our inner world. We try to protect ourselves by blocking our inner guidance, leading to confusion and inaction. We may feel lost, broken, or overwhelmed. Being in this stuck state for too long keeps us from truly living. When we’re stuck, it’s a sign that we are ready to grow and change and are in need of support. Without support, this internal constriction can manifest as physical pain or illness. At any stage of the process, emotional or physical pains are your compass to look inward and discover what brings you the “experience of being alive”.

Befriend your fear

Safety is always a priority when taking an adventurous journey. The journey inward to meet and befriend your fear is no different. We feel safe with those we trust, such as a partner, friend, or therapist. Our mind is often afraid of the unknown and stands guard at the gate. Which of our fears are merely misperceptions? Our physical and emotional symptoms create a map in our energetic body. Energy work is a key for reading this map. With intention, we dialogue with the mind and body to collaboratively and safely change your way of experiencing life. I am here to support you in the transformative work of returning to who you really are, reclaiming your best and most authentic self.

Health is flow

Psychotherapy and energy work are both supportive of flow. With my gentle guidance, we can inquire into your stuckness and discover what it wants you to know. My focus is on helping you feel safe in order to stretch and follow your own internal wisdom. This wisdom can be accessed by listening to what your body needs in order to move forward. The more you discover what you need, the more your courage grows. Together, we will identify these unprocessed emotions and limiting beliefs that are keeping you trapped. When we release them, the energy shifts, and this makes space to co-create a more expansive and liberating view. This creates a flow of energy and aliveness that allows your body to heal itself.