Letter to Baby

Dear Baby, I am ready to receive. I am dreaming of the day I can hold you in my arms. I’ve been preparing the way for you. I am open, I am love, I am blessed. You can take the time you need. You can let me know if there’s anything else to do. We can be together soon. I …

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JP Earth Energy

Earth Energy

Experience earth energy at the dinner table You are sitting with your feet on the floor, a fork in your …

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JP Water Post

Water Energy

A morning with water energy Imagine you’re walking through your living room and suddenly you stub your toe on the …

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JP Fire Post

Fire Energy

The element of fire is desire in movement Suddenly, you have an intense craving for a piece of your favorite …

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JP Air Post

Air Energy

Take a moment to allow your mind to conjure a scene. You’re walking on a wooded path in the mountains. …

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