Earth Energy

Experience earth energy at the dinner table

You are sitting with your feet on the floor, a fork in your hand, and your forearms resting on the wooden dining table. It’s a holiday dinner and your family and friends are gathered with you around a cornucopia of food, including specially prepared roasts and mixed root gratin. As you eat your last bite and swallow one more sip of wine, you exhale a relaxed sigh, look around at those you love and feel completely sated. In this moment, you feel nourished, supported, and fully satisfied.

Feeling comfortable and in our body is earth energy

The element of earth connects us to the ground and the physical world. With it comes the power of trees, rock, and mountains. Although most of our body is water, our bones, which are earth energy, support our body structure. Earth energy is represented by practicality, stability, and dependability. The friend that is always home and is a reliable “rock” to lean on is full of the element of earth. Connection to the element of earth brings the wisdom of what is truly nourishing. Relationships with balanced earth energy are stable and contain mutual support. A place truly called “home” is earth energy.

Deficiency in earth energy leads us adrift

Being homeless, feeling completely unsupported, or psychosis may all indicate the lack of earth energy. Not enough earth energy may result in feeling spacey or ungrounded. With too little earth, we may break our bones more easily. When we are not fully in our bodies, it is easy to miscalculate a doorway or step. If you find yourself tripping or bumping into things, the element of earth may be missing.
When earth energy is out of balance, we experience cravings and obsessions. Too much earth, we may hoard material items, overeat, or have difficulty getting up off the couch into action.

Mother nature helps us ground into earth

To bring in more earth, try hugging a tree, gardening, eating outdoors, or walking barefoot in sand, mud or through grass. Cleaning your home, cooking a wholesome meal or sitting in a favorite chair covered by a soft blanket brings comfort. Any physical activity in which you are in tune with your body can activate earth energy. Engage with nature while also in your body and all the sensations that your body experiences. Sit down family dinners bring can be grounding, nurturing, and comforting for all members of the family.

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