Holistic psychotherapy with Jennifer

Transpersonal therapy is about listening to your body, mind, and spirit. All aspects of the psyche are welcome. Bring your thoughts, behaviors, feelings, physical symptoms, sensations, and dreams. We begin where you are. I work intuitively and support the strengthening of connection to your inner guidance. Relational, existential, and somatic teachings, as well as compassionate communication, all inform our process.

How does energy work differ from psychotherapy?

Your energetic body directs the process in energy work. Trusting this guidance allows a more relaxed state. Together, we work on the emotional or physical pains you are currently facing and have chosen to explore. These pains are your body’s way of speaking to you. Our task is to listen. Working intuitively, I dialogue directly with your energetic body and find the related events of your life. We may find unexpressed feelings, limiting beliefs or behavior patterns that are, in part, the source of your pain. These are recognized, released, and then replaced with more empowering ones. Most clients experience an immediate change in their body such as a sensation of lightness. Energy responds to vibration and moves with more ease in a relaxed body. For this reason, phone sessions are preferable for my energy work.

Combining therapy and energy work brings faster change

Consistent therapy creates safety and time to quiet the mind and build the courage necessary for change. Energy work targets specific stuck energy and generates change when you’re ready. The energetic body knows what the mind cannot “figure out” by itself. Together, therapy and energy work go to the root of pain and address it in the safety of an ongoing therapeutic relationship. Clients learn to trust their intuition to know what is right for them in this moment. This makes movement between psychotherapy and energy work fluid. Likewise, clients working with another therapist can choose to do periodic energy work to support their ongoing process.