Fire Energy

The element of fire is desire in movement

Suddenly, you have an intense craving for a piece of your favorite chocolate. You might just snuff out that desire immediately by thinking rationally about why you shouldn’t eat chocolate at 10 p.m. Or, you may fan the flame of your desire by imagining how delicious it will taste on your tongue, and then checking online for the hours of the closest market that sells it. You are not deterred when you find out the only place that’s still open is two towns away. Instead, you jump up with excitement, slip on your flip flops and hop in your car. When you return 45 minutes later with only the chocolate bar wrapper left, know that you have just experienced the element of fire. Fire is desire in movement.

Our fire fuels us into action

The element of fire relates to passion, desire and energy. We might say he “burns with passion” or she was “radiant” and “on fire” during her performance, both demonstrating the element of fire as desire and passion in human form. All living things need fire energy to survive and we absorb this from our radiating sun, an ever burning ball of fire. To thrive, we need excitement and the energy that comes with excitement to take on new challenges. When we lack the quality of desire, we are not open and ready for opportunities that come our way and may procrastinate or let obstacles block us. It is with balanced fire energy that we know what we want and take right action.

Lack of fire can feel depressing

Living more like roommates or business partners rather than romantic lovers is an indication that the element of fire is lacking in a marital relationship and can be seen in marriages that involve little or no sexual connection. Individually, when we don’t know what we want or we are not moving towards something we desire, we may end up feeling bored, depressed, or stuck in a rut.

Extreme fire without boundaries or focus can be reckless

Fiery passion can be all consuming. If this blazing desire is blocked by doubts or fears, it becomes unhealthy in a relationship. Jealousy, controlling behaviors and domestic violence may be indications of an extreme amount of desire that is blocked by other forces such as insecurity. Individuals with an excess of fire energy may be hyperactive, aggressive or intrusive past others’ physical or emotional boundaries. Lots of action, but not “right” action, can be dangerous, unstable and unpredictable just like a wild fire. Humans enjoy the exhilaration of moving at high speeds, but when we follow the impulse to drive extreme speeds without regard to the risk of our life or the lives of others on the road, we are reckless.

Flames, spice, and movement turn up our internal heat

If you need to connect to desire in your life, you might try building a fire and watching the flames. Another option is lighting some candles. When you’re done enjoying the flame, make a wish for something you want before blowing out each candle. To invite passion in, put on some music with a fast beat and then dance and sing with wild abandon. For some extra heat, add a bit of chili peppers to your pasta salad or breakfast on hot wings. Candles, spicy foods, and dancing all are ways to fan our flame of desire.

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