Air Energy

Take a moment to allow your mind to conjure a scene. You’re walking on a wooded path in the mountains. You can feel the crisp air on your face and the smell of pine fills your nose. A nearby stream burbles as it brings the melted snow into the valley. In this brief moment you’ve been transported instantly to a scene far from where you are physically sitting. Immediate and effortless movement is always available by engaging your mind through a series of thoughts. Our imagination, an experience of air energy, is delightful and powerful.

Clarity and communication flows with air energy

The element of air brings us the power of our minds. Air energy supports our thoughts…our thoughts can transform to words…our words can be spoken or written…our words communicate with others. Balanced air flows naturally with direction such as a refreshing breeze. With fresh air comes clarity. Stagnant air prevents clear thinking. Some ways we might observe air energy in our daily lives include: conversing with a friend, telling a story, writing a book, analyzing a situation, or thinking through a problem to get to a solution.

Deficiency in air leads to indecision

When we have a lack of air, we may notice we’re holding our breath, or taking shallow breaths. This is a way of shutting ourselves down and waiting for something to change externally. The problem that this creates is that we can’t see the wisdom of how to proceed until we breathe into our inner guidance. Denial is another indication of a deficiency of air. Not letting ourselves think about a situation that is not working for us blocks flow. So does staying in a job that we hate by refusing to consider options. In relationships, if we don’t want to “think about it” or “talk about it”, we may be missing the element of air.

Excess air can result in anxiety

Rapid or excessive talking without any follow through action can be an indication of too much air. It can be likened to stormy winds. We might observe a person talking so quickly that they beginning spitting as they are speaking; they are not allowing fresh air in with their breath. Excess air may also look like over-analyzing, obsessive thoughts, confusion, or physical headaches. Chaos can result if strong winds prevail for long periods of time. In relationships, over-thinking about your partner’s actions and thoughts or over-planning every decision can indicate too much air energy.

Balancing Air Energy

We can increase air with focused breathing. Talking to a friend, writing with free association, sitting in the wind, or making a plan will also bring in more air. Some strategies to decrease air include: taking action on a previously thought out plan, quieting our mind by meditation, or doing physical activities that bring attention into the body. Being spontaneous can balance air energy in relationships. Imagine flying like a leaf in the wind, open to wherever the currents take you next.

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